Kajetanowicz and Baran from LOTOS Team will start in European Rally Championships



Competing in European Rally Championships 2013 Kajetan Kajetanowicz and Jarek Baran - the multiple Polish Champions - will begin the new year, so when the fans are removing brocade after The New Year’s parties, LOTOS Team crew will already be in Austria preparing for their debut performance in winter Janner Rally (3-5th January 2013).

Several dozen teams signed up to participate in the opening round of The Old Continent championships. ReigningPolish Champions received number 12 on the list. The rivalry will surely be very fierce because of the participation of Francois Delecour - a world vice champion, and many other participants of the world and European championships rounds, as well as IRC competitors. Although for Kajetan Kajetanowicz it is one of the first starts abroad, out of Polish Rally Championships, he has already won European Rally Championships round driving Subaru Impreza. For nearly 3 years no other driver has won European Rally Championships round in a rally car based on production models.

The jubilee winter Janner Rally will be held for the 30th time in one of the most beautiful parts of Austria, a mountainous Muhlviertel region in the north of the country. The contestants will be competing in 18 special stages - the length of 250 kilometres. Freistadt - a small town near Linz is the base of the first round of European, Austria and  Czech Republic Championchips.

Kajetan Kajetanowicz: - It’s nice to start the new year differently than usually. Although, only a couple of weeks ago taking part in Janner Rally was just a dream, now, thanks to our partners’ support I have the opportunity to make my dream come true and I’m starting in the first round of European Rally Championships. It will be a completely new rally for me. We will be competing with very good and experienced drivers in very advanced cars. I feel that I’m expected to be as fast as during Polish Rally Championships. I am aware of difficult and unpredictable conditions that we can encounter - from dry tarmac to white route and 1 metre-high snow bands. The surface can change every few metres, which means a ‘tyre roulette’ like the one in Monte Carlo. During this rally a lot will depend on taking right decisions, not only behind the steering wheel. One thing is certain - the whole event will be very emotional not only for us, but also for fans who will be watching Janner Rally.

Kajetan Kajetanowicz’s supporting partners during Janner Rally include: LOTOS Group - Lotos Dynamic fuel and oil producer, STP accessories producer and CUBE.Corporate Release. The most up-to-date information about Kajetan Kajetanowicz is available on: www.kajto.pl and rsmp.lotosdynamicrallyteam.pl.


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