NEO - Petroeltech Rally Team after 21st Rally Rzeszów


Season 2012 in the Polish Rally Championship crossed the halfway point. The fourth round of Polish Rally Championship was the 21st Rally of Rzeszow, belongs also to Slovakia, Cup Championship FIA Central European Zone. The competition attracted an international cast to start nearly a half hundred rajdówek! The crew NEO - Petroeltech Rally Team, composed of John Chmielewski - James Gerber once again this season enriched with significant luggage point, taking second place in Group D, Class 5, and the cycle Citroen Racing Trophy Poland, winning both the second phase of the struggle in these categories. The general classification of the Polish Championship Citroen DS3 R3 crew took high ninth place. After four rounds played RSMP crew NEO - Petroeltech Rally Team takes first place in the season in the R and the Citroen Racing Trophy cycle of Poland, second in class 5, and is the highest graded crew makes use of a car driven for one axle.

Jan Chmielewski: Perhaps I spoke by local patriotism, but it was a really great rally! Over 180 kilometers of gravel stages have a fantastic setup, and raised the level of difficulty uncertain, the second day of rainy weather. It is a pity that the chances for a third consecutive win in the pivot shattered unfortunate flat tire, which happened to us last connector on the gravel in Friday's program oesu Lubenia. Most of the losses associated with that managed to make up for the second day, but to be completely happy ran a couple of seconds. This already is the specificity of rallies, but on the other hand the question of division titles in our group and class still remains unresolved, and fight for every little point going to emocjonowali, perhaps, to the end of the season.

Jakub Gerber: When the game is at stake, even seemingly trivial problem may compromise the chances of winning. In our case it was a flat tire on the last Friday of the special. Despite this, I think we showed in Rzeszow with a good hand, have won 9 of 13 oesów in our class, during the various stages of being placed on the tenth and seventh overall in this series. Also pleased that the rally we've seen so many fans cheering us. There's no denying that adding in this way we wing, showing the same high popularity in our country rallies.
The sponsors of the team are: NEO tool brand, company PETROELTECH and WESEM and the Automobile Club of Rzeszow, and the patronage exercised by RMF FM radio and magazine "Eurostudent".


Łukasz Krasowski
Foto: Martin Konopáč, Łukasz Krasowski


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