NEO - Petroeltech Rally Team before 21st Rally Rzeszów


Ten years ago, Rally Rzeszowski debuted on the calendar of Polish Rally Championship and has since been promoted to the rank of one of the most important in a national rally of the hierarchy. Another season in a row Podkarpacka round RSMP is also known to be Cup FIA Central European Zone, Rally Championship Rally of Slovakia and the Polish Cup. All this makes the entry list contains a total of up to 140 items! Start number 9 was awarded to the crew John Chmielewski - James Gerber, representing the colors of the team NEO - Petroeltech Rally Team. Krakow - Poznan duo podrzeszowskich will appear on the special stages in the Citroen DS3 R3T.

Jan Chmielewski:I like this event for its atmosphere and I have a special fondness, because I started here as a driver, "kindergarten". Representation of colors Automobile Club of Rzeszow, who is the organizer of this wonderful event, a real honor and also a huge mobilization for the best possible presentation on the Carpathian oesach. However, we realize that the repetition of excellent results from the two previous rallies will not be an easy task. The list of applications is long and certainly raise the bar guests from Slovakia and Hungary. I miss podkarpackimi climates, I have many devoted fans and I hope that through their doping will afford us a good result!

Jakub Gerber:Looking at the configuration of the Rally special stages of Rzeszow, it is clear that the organizers took into account not only the high level of difficulty, but also the ease of access to them and attractiveness of these landscapes kibiców.W is always a lot of places for public entertainment, where you can admire the many segments of the route . Classical tests known from previous years, supplemented with completely new, unknown to us oesy make the fight on the route should be a breeze for both crews, and for, hopefully, numerous spectators. Fans will surely not be lacking on Thursday's prologue in Rzeszów Gallery, New World, which together with the whole team cordially invite you and wish you all many racing excitement!

The sponsors of the team are: NEO tool brand, company PETROELTECH and WESEM and the Automobile Club of Rzeszow, and the patronage exercised by RMF FM radio and magazine "Eurostudent".

Video: Rajd Karkonoski part. 1

           Rajd Korkonoski part. 2

Łukasz Krasowski
Foto: Martin Konopáč


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